by Fariz Saracevic, Senior Product Manager at IBM at LinkedIn

I traveled overseas early last year and observed a group of engineering students connecting various devices, sensors, wires to develop and test new IoT greenhouse. They had fun but they admitted it was not easy. It also took them time to get all the parts, plus there was cost. Granted, parts are getting cheaper and cheaper every day but I was wondering how could we help them develop similar IoT solutions but less painful and at minimal or no cost.

Soon after this trip, I got involved with a new project, IoT Workbench (IoTW). IoTW has exactly the vision I hoped for these students and anyone building IoT solutions. IoT Workbench is a cloud service to visually develop, deploy and simulate IoT solutions. Its focus is the entire IoT solution (system level): the various system parts (devices, applications, services, etc.), their interfaces and how they interact. We avoid describing detailed designs such as internal structure of devices or algorithmic flows of data processing since we believe that we can achieve that by integrating with existing tools.

To illustrate the usage of IoTW, take a look on the screenshot below which shows the architecture view of one IoTW example, a connected vehicle that reports malfunctions and is either directed to the nearest service center or gas station (depending on the malfunction) or service is dispatched for assistance.

I am looking for anyone interested to try and let me know what you think about IoTW. You can access service at https://console.ng.bluemix.net/catalog/services/internet-of-things-workbench/.

Here are a couple of showing reusable library elements to help you get started:

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